Big and small

One of the questions we often get is, do you do smaller projects? The answer to this is YES! Natco Construction started out with mostly smaller renovations and grew to complete large additions, and several tear down and rebuild custom homes. One of the highest compliments we can get is when a previous customer asks us to return and help finish up some "smaller" projects. Here is a picture of a recent project we did in Homewood for a customer who needed her detached garage replaced.


Future builders ?

Every now and then our two youngest members of the Natco team will stop by for a visit. This particular visit Eli even wore his cowboy hat for the occasion! These two may not become builders themselves one day, but in the meantime they sure getting a lot of training!


Making it right

Natural disasters can happen at any time, and while the most important thing is the safety of your family, a home is also a valuable part of any family's sense of security, well being, and stability. The house pictured below was damaged during the April 27Th tornado and we have been working hard to get it back to its former glory. With only a few finishing touches the house will be restored and hopefully the family who lives here will once again find their house as the welcoming home it should be.





Sometimes remodeling or adding an addition is the answer, and sometimes a complete tear down and new construction home is the answer! Homewood is such a family friendly area and Natco is proud to be constructing a brand new home in the Edgewood neighborhood. In a few short months the homeowners will have a brand new custom home they can enjoy for years to come. With lots of rain the job site has been a little muddy, but as you can see its coming up anyway. Stay tuned for more pictures of this house!



When homeowners decide to remodel the bathrooms are often the first thing to come to mind as one of the rooms that "need" to be updated. It is no secret that bathrooms and kitchens "sell homes." However, homeowners often do not want to sink an enormous amount of investment into a bathroom. Fortunately many clients have come to find that a bathroom remodel can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you make it, depending on the finishes and fixtures you chose. Staying in budget is one thing we are always happy to help clients achieve. And the results of a remodeled bathroom can make a huge impact on the quality of your home.

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Its in the details

As the project on Norman Drive comes to an end its exciting to see all of the small details really making a big difference and giving this home an abundance of character. On this project the homeowners chose to use reclaimed hardwood wood for their flooring as well as panels for the ceiling in the kitchen and study. The results are beautiful!

The youngest member of Natco's team stopped by to check out the end results. He agreed the house looks amazing!

Check back soon for more exterior pics as well as more pitures of the homes other rooms.